So Much to Do – So Little Time!

It’s HERE….TIME TO RELAX…..umm, then again, maybe not!

The summer term at FVTC is officially over for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the Oral/Interpersonal Communications class I took. I have NO idea why I was so nervous about public speaking…it was a piece of cake, and I have nothing but love and admiration for my Sociology instructor, Holly Tews-Bodway. Between you and I though, I am very grateful for having completed the Race and Ethnic Diversity class, and I’ll be perfectly content if I NEVER have to take another class like it. It was an Internet class, so the amount of homework was about double what a course taken in the classroom would have…not my idea of a fun way to spend the summer. I gave it my all, though, and did get an “A” in the class. So, today’s affirmation is “Yes, you CAN complete projects you dislike”. Good thing, because as you’ll see, I’m in for a few more of those “dislike” projects over the next week or two…

I would LOVE to think that summer break means I now have time to partake in some of the fun outdoor activities I’ve been missing out on. My poor, neglected golf clubs look SO lonely over there in the corner of the room! However, I only have a little less than three weeks to complete some important items on my “to-do” list, so I guess the rest & relaxation part of my break isn’t going to begin until next week.

The Big To-Dos

  • First up on my VIP (very important project) list was making sure that I have properly registered for all of my fall classes. That was EASY! I logged in to MY FVTC this morning and verified my course load (20 credits…YIKES!), printed off my class schedule, and even used the campus bookstore link to place all of the text books I’ll need into a virtual “shopping cart” at the campus bookstore. That little bit of pre-planning will save me at least 20 minutes of standing in line when I go to pick up my books next Monday. YAY for time saved!
  • Next up on my “to do” list is shopping for back to school supplies. I don’t know if you read the paper on Sundays, but I do because it’s usually loaded with coupons and sale flyers. This week was no exception. There are huge back-to-school sales everywhere, so I spent about a half hour hunting down the greatest deals. I plan to head over to TARGET for a couple of the items I need. Folders are only $.10 each, spiral notebooks are $.50, AND they have a sale on Tide laundry detergent…so I can get caught up on my LAUNDRY this week, too. I would say “YAY” for clean laundry, but I have to actually COMPLETE it before I can say that!
  • Target is definitely one of my favorite stores to shop at, but the majority of my office supplies will be purchased at OFFICE DEPOT (not to be confused with Office Max). There’s a location located in Appleton, on the north side of College Avenue, right next to Big Lots. I signed up for their free Worklife Rewards® program last year. Doing so earns me 10% back on my purchases of ink cartridges, toner, and any service from their copy center. In addition, I get 1% back on everything else I buy at the store. My savings have really added up over the past year. They send me a quarterly Office Depot gift card when my rewards have exceeded $10. I have one in my possession right now for $35, so I probably won’t have to pay anything OOP (out of pocket) for my office supplies… AND I’ll get a FREE backpack, because one of their deals this week is a free backpack with any $10 purchase. (Limit 2…while supplies last). If you want to sign up for Worklife Rewards, CLICK HERE
  • Of course, the other thing I’ve been chomping at the bit to do is more cooking and baking. Because of my busy schedule, Brian and I have eaten out WAY too much this month, so I plan on stocking up on freezer bags and turning my tiny kitchen into a well oiled food making machine! Be sure to check out the “What’s On My Plate” section of this blog for some of my favorite recipes. One of my summertime favorites is orzo vegetable salad. The recipe I use is adapted from one created by a food blogger friend of mine, Jamie, over at MY BAKING ADDICTION. She has a Greek twist to her salad, using olives and feta cheese. I don’t care for either of those food items, and I LOVE using lots of summer veggies in mine, so you’ll notice a bit of a twist in my recipe. One of the greatest things about this recipe is that it’s so versatile, so feel free to jazz it up to suit your taste.

I will end today’s post in rhyme:

I guess it’s time for me to fly… before another laundry moment passes me by!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again next week. If you like what you’ve seen and/or read here, please feel free to sign up via the RSS feed and/or email subscription links you see on the right side of the page. I hope you’ll spread the news of this blog to others, too. FVTC “rocks my world” and I want the world to share in the happiness found within these halls. I hope that you have an awesome day. Until we meet again, may you have a happy song in your heart and good food to keep your stomach happy!



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