The Art of Excitement

Have you ever noticed the difference in enthusiasm and excitement shown by adults versus those of children? Adults anticipate, so excitement for many adults is internal. Kids, on the other hand, have a vibrant exuberance about them that shines like a neon sign on the Vegas strip. Personally, I hadn’t really given it much thought until a couple of days ago. Someone stopped by my locker at school to congratulate me on my induction into Phi Theta Kappa (the international, academic honor society for 2-year colleges). She told me that as she watched me walk through the auditorium processional with the other 117 inductees, the look of excitement and pride on my face was likened to that of a 3-year old on Christmas morning. She wondered if anyone would be able to wipe the cheesy grin from my face. What can I say? I love to smile a LOT these days. Call me a 3-year old if you wish!

I briefly paused to visualize and reminisce on my 3rd Christmas. That’s actually the first one I have clear memories of. The aroma of freshly cut pine exploded through our living room and filled my tiny olfactory sensors. I remember my excitement as I raced toward the tree, anxious to see which of the white tissue wrapped gifts Santa Claus had left for me. I was filled with pride that I had been a good enough girl that year to warrant gifts from the big red guy and not black lumps of coal in my stocking. As my mind lifted out of my daydream and back to 2010, I realized that my friend’s assessment of me was very accurate. My life choices and actions, along with happenings that were out of my control, have taken me to the proverbial hell and back in my life. What happened to me physically, emotionally, and spiritually from my early teenage years through my mid-thirties was rough enough that some people (including myself) thought I’d never live to see my 35th birthday, much less attend college…AND make it to the Dean’s list. I’m walking and living a daily road to my happy destiny, and I am taking time to enjoy the scenery along the way. Having the opportunity to live life makes me happy!

Speaking of happiness… there sure has been a lot of it in my life this week. I reflected on it last night, as I gave thanks to God for the awesome things He’s done and helped me to achieve in my life this week. Get a load of this list!

  • I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa.
  • I was contacted by the Post-Crescent and asked to interview with them about my “Kickin’ Corn Chowder” recipe.
  • I scored 100% on ALL of the midterm exams I took this past week. (Technically, one of them was 101% if you count the extra credit questions!)
  • I applied for a position with Nature Made as a “Good Mood Blogger”. Within the first 4 days after applying, I achieved enough votes to launch me into 16th place out of over 1,000 candidates! If I can maintain a top-20 position until the phase one deadline of November 18th arrives, I’ll move on to the second phase of the application process, where I’ll be in the running for a 6-month contract blogging job with them! If you look on the right hand sidebar of this page, you’ll see a link to the application website. You can read all about the job I’ve applied for and you’ll also have the opportunity to vote for me. If you have 15 seconds a day to vote for me between now and November 18th, I sure would appreciate you doing so!
  • I received a phone call last night from a local hotel that I applied for a job with 3 weeks ago. They invited me to come in for a second interview with them. I’m SO nervous and excited (oh gosh…I think my 3-year old enthusiasm is aching to pop up again) about this opportunity. I need to find work, and I’d love to do so in an industry that I’m hoping to hold my future in, so this job and I would be a PERFECT match!

Incidentally, this is the first time in almost TWO YEARS that I’ve been invited to come back to an employer for a second interview. That tells me that the economy may FINALLY be improving. Either that or yours truly may actually have grown in her hospitality industry skills and knowledge… and learned a bit more about how to live the art of joyful exuberance and excitement, too.


One last burst of excitement for you before I head to my job interview. This week’s recipe will be made by me as a “that-a-girl” treat for a week well done. I adore the Picky Palate food blog, and when I saw this recipe, I couldn’t stop drooling. I just knew that these bars and I would have a hot date together soon! If you’d like to make them for yourself, you can check out the recipe by clicking HERE

Incidentally, she’s a BRILLIANT food photographer. Oh my GOSH, I love this picture (and check out that cute fork, too!)

Have a GREAT week and please come back to see me again soon!



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  2. Peg
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 19:34:34

    Becca, you are fairly brimming over with happiness – bubbles coming out of your blog. Love it! Happy for you! The bars looks great but watching my waistline does not permit indulging. Love your blog!


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