Expanding Thoughts

A lot has happened in my life this week, both personally and educationally. Some of it was AWESOME (i.e., the Green Bay Packers making it into the SUPER BOWL against the Pittsburgh Steelers!)…

…and some of it was not so awesome. In fact, facing the reality of my declining health and continued medical problems was downright depressing. However, while I continue to be concerned about what’s going on and look forward to a full diagnosis from a great team of doctors, I think that right now I’d prefer to focus on the good stuff that’s happening in my life, thank you very much.

Good stuff like the incredible cinnamon blueberry cake that I made over the weekend…The cake that helped to expand my waist line. Incidentally, I’d like to publicly thank the genius who designed the elastic that is sewn into my stretchy pants. I you. I loved the aroma in the house while the cake was baking! Oh, while I’m thinking of it, please forgive my poor photography. Until the day comes when I can afford to buy myself a nice digital SLR camera, I’ll have to make do with pictures like this:

Another great expansion this week came dressed and ready to be placed into my bank account…I applied for another scholarship. Thus far, I’ve been the fortunate and grateful recipient of three scholarships to help me fund my way through college. I am humbled by the gracious nature of so many businesses, organizations, and individuals. Without the help of scholarships, I would likely have been unable to fund my way through this higher educational experience. What they’ve done for my life has been UBER cool. Thousands of dollars in funding is available and it’s saddening to think that much of it goes un-awarded due to lack of applicants. There are monies available to all students, and they are not all based on financial need, so you truly have nothing to lose by spending 5 minutes to complete the application. If you’re interested in applying for some funding, click HERE and fill out an application before the February 11th deadline. NOTE: You will need a recommendation letter from two Fox Valley Tech instructors. Common courtesy is to ask for their permission before using their name on your application.

Back to the topic at hand: I’ve spent a few too many hours this week expanding my recipe database. The Internet is a plethora of drool worthy food sites. One of my favorite finds of the week came from Michelle, who gave me a great new Super Bowl snack idea. Because these yumsters have bacon in them, I plan to make a few batches, since it’s likely that I’ll eat 2 dozen a few before they come off of the baking pan.

As many recipes as I’ve collected, I now have enough to keep me busy cookin’ 24 hours a day until 2021, when I will likely suffer a nasty fate. I can almost hear the headline now: “Local woman dies in freak accident when the elastic in her stretchy pants gave way and snapped her to an untimely death.”

At least I’ll die a happy woman.


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