What’s the Point?

I’m in the middle of a pretty wicked and crazy busy term at school. Of course, it’s my own fault. I’m the genius who decided it would be perfectly acceptable to take on a 19 credit course load. Add into the mix a part time job in the FVTC kitchen, an internship position with the research and development office, weekly work study assignments (aka, this blog post), holding down a position as an FVTC student ambassador, and privately tutoring a couple of my fellow classmates with their Culinary Applications class work. Oh, and let’s not forget my duties and responsibilities as a girlfriend, and finding time to practice cooking and baking in my home kitchen.

Hey, I took it all on with the best of intentions, and the hope and dream of graduating this upcoming December. However, unless I can find a business in the hospitality industry that is willing to take me on as an employee and an intern, there’s a good chance that graduation may not happen this year. So yes… this is where you have my blessing to jump up and down, giggle, and say, “I told ya so!”

Regardless of when I graduate, I have dreams about what I’d like to do with my degree once I’ve flown the FVTC coop. There are so many different ways that I’ll be able to utilize my skills and knowledge in the culinary and hospitality industries that I’m having a difficult time narrowing down my course(s) of interest. As of this moment, I believe I’d like to work as a catering/banquet/event manager. I’m a work in progress, though, so don’t be surprised if I change my mind some more before graduation.

Right now, it’s time to focus on the present anyway. With Cultural Cuisine a mere 10 days away, the next few days will be a blur of excitement, running, and completion of last minute to-do lists. The buzz in the northwest corner of the Appleton campus is beyond exciting right now! There are less than 100 Cultural Cuisine tickets left, so I’m sure we’ll have another sold out show this year. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, be sure to stop over at the First Community Credit Union (directly inside the Appleton FVTC entrance #10) and pick them up, or mail a check (payable to Fox Valley Technical College) to Chef Jeff Igel at the Appleton FVTC campus before Tuesday, February 22nd. The last day tickets will be mailed will be February 23rd. They’re $35 a piece, or $50 at the door on the day of the event. Come and get cultured with me!

In case you think this post was written without food love, think again. I couldn’t possibly leave you lovely readers sans a recipe. I am simply not that cruel. The question is not to share or not to share, it is what to share. Will it be sweet or savory? Salty or spicy? Considering the above average temperatures in Wisconsin this week, I’ve been dreaming of warm weather. When I think warm temps, I think GOLF. When I think golf, I think Bill Murray (the funniest golfer to ever wear plaid pants). When I think of Bill Murray, I think of MEATBALLS. If you’ve never seen the movie Meatballs, (circa 1979) do your funny bone a favor and rent it.

My favorite way to eat meatballs is dipped into a sweet and tangy warm concoction of chili sauce (8 oz bottle) and grape jelly (16 oz jar). Mix the two ingredients into a crock pot, turn it on low, and add 40-50 frozen, appetizer-sized meatballs. Heat through, eat, and make your tummy happy. Hey, don’t knock ’em ’til you’ve tried ’em! I once took them to a party and the entire batch was devoured within 20 minutes. ENJOY!

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “Geez, that’s a pretty basic recipe… from a culinary student, none the less. What’s the point?”

The point is, life doesn’t always have to be complicated, and it should always be in good taste!

I hope that your week is filled with all of the things that make your heart sing!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brian Donovan
    Feb 19, 2011 @ 10:54:18

    Another great blog, Darling and of course, you know how much I love the meatballs. Simplicity is sometimes best! I love you!


  2. Ange Emerson
    Feb 19, 2011 @ 11:32:46

    Well done once again Becca.


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