They’re Off!

As my spoiled fur babies, Cojack and Fergie or any of the other cats or dogs I’ve had throughout my lifetime will attest, I’m an animal lover. Wait, maybe I should clarify…

“Animals” are defined as anything that is larger than a breadbox, but smaller than me. It also must be fluffy/furry or cuddly, and it may NOT resemble a rodent, slither on the ground, squeal, squawk, or howl at the moon. An animal is also not defined as anything bigger than I am. I’m quite sure that horses, cows, tigers, bears, and moose (or is that meese?) are perfectly wonderful creatures, but if they’re big enough to eat me for dinner and/or throw me across a room or woodland trail (as that freakin’ gigantic horse did to me when I was 12 years old), I would much rather admire them from afar, thank you very much. Yes, I’m a wuss… Please don’t judge.

However, it’s Kentucky Derby weekend. That means I must put my fear of Mr. Ed aside for a few hours so that I can focus on the adorable jockeys atop of the horses. I will also become a lover of all of the big, beautiful hats atop the heads of the ladies, and of course, I will become a participant in feasting on all foods Derby related!

A number of the food bloggers that I follow have been posting their Derby dishes for the past few days. I’ve been making the mistake of allowing their RSS feeds to go straight into my Blackberry. That has meant my eyes have locked their gaze upon drool-worthy recipes at the most inopportune times…like in the middle of Hospitality Law class. Go ahead… I’ll wait while you silently scold me for checking my email during class.

In an attempt to seek forgiveness for my lack of respect for Mr. Zarbano’s class, I offer up to you a recipe for Kentucky Hot Browns! Don’t know what those are? No worries, you are not alone. Until my friend Sarah gave me a yumalicious description of them, I had never heard of them either. Then I was given a link to the recipe for them and I was done for. I HAVE to make these now. I think it should be an obligation. Or penance. Or both!

All I have to say is RUN like the horses at Churchill Downs, straight into your kitchen, and make yourself up a few of these. They’ll be the hit of your Kentucky Derby festivities!


Incidentally, have I mentioned that there are a mere THIRTEEN days left until the end of my spring term at the Tech?! You don’t think I’m excited about summer break, do you?


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